Ultra-modern Chandelier lights available in lighting retailer in Sydney

Chandelier lights ensure prestige and elegance in any room they grace. Chandelier lights in Sydney have a limitless variety of styles and options including raindrop pendants, round suspension lights, and crystal LED in different shapes and sizes. Almost all lighting retailers in Sydney have chandelier lights in their inventory as the styles of chandeliers are […] continue reading

Interior / exterior lighting design services

A good lighting environment is essential for people’s happiness and health. Layered Light at lot at Mases Lighting and that’s because it allows crafting the perfect light Luminaire selection Illuminance calculation and optimization lighting layouts and installation details lighting environment visualization lighting control system design Energy efficiency and payback time analysis Our lighting design team […] continue reading

Guidelines for LED Light Manufacturers in Australia

The full guide to assist you in selecting quality LED light is the responsibility of LED Light Manufacturers. As relatively whenever the new technology comes in Australia and various other countries, however, they are not the manufacturers. Whether a dealer or a manufacturer all have to set standards for LED lighting products and have adopted […] continue reading

Replace Your Tube Lights with Sleek Looking Weatherproof LED Lighting Solutions

Many people across Australia continue to use fluorescent bulbs and halogen lights in their offices. However, these lighting devices are gradually becoming obsolete. As technological advancements continually take place, new lighting products and solutions continue to emerge such as LED lights and weatherproof LED lighting solutions. These products offer superior levels of energy efficiency. More […] continue reading
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All About Mases Lighting

Mases Lighting is a leading lighting retailer in Sydney. We offer a large selection of Interior, Exterior and many other modern designs. When it comes to the best designed lighting fixtures and online lighting shopping, Mases Lighting is your one stop shop! Our main objective is not only to provide quality lighting, but also offer you […] continue reading
Lighting Suppliers Australia , Mases Lighting | Lighting Ideas for Homes

Ideas For Lighting Your Home

At Mases Lighting you will discover a variety of wonderfully designed lights that will suit any area of your home, both inside or outside. Our lights are created with intelligence and practicality in mind and will help you save on electricity costs and energy efficiency. Below you’ll read about some ideas for lighting your home. In Your Living Room […] continue reading
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Advantages of LED Lighting Fixtures

LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes are a two-lead semiconductor light source. They are very strong globules produce a significant amount of light.  The major advantage of LED lighting fixtures is the energy saving. Read about more advantages below. Long lasting LED lights last up to 10 times longer than CFL’s or Compact Fluorescents and any longer than radiant […] continue reading