ENSA Intelligent 16W LED Sensor Oyster Lights



Product Description

The ENSA LEDDL16W3KS and LEDDL16W5KS are automated energy saving oyster lights. A truly customisable energy efficient lighting solution, it features a 5.8Ghz microwave motion sensor, light sensor and control electronics to compound the already superb energy savings of switching to LED over fluorescent.

When ambient light levels are above the set limit, the LEDDL16W3KS, LEDDL16W5KS remain in standby mode, consuming only 0.9W. When ambient light levels fall below the set limit, the light will turn on when motion is detected. Motion and daylight sensitivity are adjustable and can be fine tuned to match the area’s needs.

Product Features:
• Light use is cleverly automatically controlled via daylight & motion sensors and the on-timer
• Adjustable daylight sensor: 3 ~ 2000 lux ambient light level adjustable
• Adjustable microwave motion sensor: 360° detection in a 1m ~ 8m radius
• On-time adjustable: from 10s ~ 12min – the light stays on for a set time after no movement detected;
• During this time, if movement is detected, the on-time delay timer is reset automatically
• Comes ready for installation in IP44 housing

* This professional light must only be installed by a qualified electrician.

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Additional Information

Color Temp

Warm White 3000K, White 5000K


Yes, No