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ENSA Intelligent LED Batten Lights



Product Description

The ENSA LEDBT18WS and LEDBT36WS are an automated, customisable, energy saving batten lights. It features a 5.8GHz microwave motion sensor, daylight sensor and control electronics to compound energy savings offered by switching to LED from fluorescent tubes.

Product Highlights:
• Effectively halve power use compared to 600mm (2ft), 1200mm (4ft) fluorescent twin battens.
• Compound your energy savings with adjustable daylight and motion sensors.
• 360° microwave sensor detects motion through doors, glass or even thin walls.
• IP65 rated: polyurethane gaskets, stainless steel clips and polycarbonate diffuser.
• Adjustable 10s ~ 12min on-time delay: perfect for carparks, stairwells and more.

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Additional Information


18w, 36w


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