ENSA Intelligent LED Sensor Oyster Lights with Battery Backup



Product Description

• Intelligent LED light with light & motion sensing, on-timer & battery backup
• 10W LED light with 700 lumens light output; equivalent to 50W halogen
• 7.2V 1800mAh NiMH battery for >120 minutes of emergency lighting at 5W
• Ideal for emergency stairwells and in other essential lighting applications
• Wide 120° beam angle; up to 30,000 hours lifespan
• On/off via 5.8GHz microwave & daylight sensors for greater energy savings
• Adjust sensitivity: 1~8m radius (microwave); <3~2000lx (daylight)
• Adjustable 10s ~ 12min on-time delay to control on/off via motion
• Available in 3000K colour temperatures with >80 CRI
• IP44 weather resistant; frosted diffuser eliminates any LED glare

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Additional Information

Color Temp

Warm White 3000K, White 5000K


Yes, No