Summer isn’t too far away and it’s already starting to warm up in Sydney. In the summertime, one of the main ways to deal with the heat is with a ceiling fan. Fan lights are commonplace in many Australian bedrooms, giving a comfortable breeze to help you fall asleep on those searing summer nights. The best lighting stores online will have many options for various ceiling fans and fan lights to keep you cool and comfortable all summer long.

Fan lights are great for many household uses, primarily in family spaces and bedrooms. Contrary to popular belief, they do not affect the temperature of the room, merely producing an artificial breeze to move air across the body, cooling by biological processes. On very hot days, they are often used to support air conditioning or other climate control units by circulating the cold air. This significantly reduces air conditioner running times. They are much more energy-efficient than air conditioning, according to Canstar Blue, average fan lights with the light off cost $14 to run and air conditioning costs $216 (assuming 90 days of 4 hours per day). This massive difference can save lots of money while still keeping your family cool.

Many modern fan lights can help with heating in winter too, reversing the direction to push air up instead of down onto people. This still circulates the warm air from heaters to heat even larger rooms more evenly. These options will be available on many fan models in the best lighting stores online.

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