Lighting systems have changed substantially throughout history, from the invention of the first light globes in the 19th century to modern, energy-efficient LEDs. In recent years LED lighting solutions have been the system of choice for many consumers and Mases Lighting, a lighting retailer in Sydney. They are much cooler running, stronger and more energy-efficient than their counterparts. However, other lighting solutions still hold value for many people, some of the major lighting types include incandescent, fluorescent, and LED lighting solutions.

Incandescent light globes are the oldest lighting technology still in use in Australian homes. They pass electricity through a thin metal filament to produce light and heat. They are the least energy efficient but are very inexpensive and produce a warm tone which is less harsh than other lighting options.

Fluorescent light globes operate by ionizing mercury within a glass tube to emit light. They are similar in size to incandescent globes but are more efficient and can last up to 15 times longer. A disadvantage of these lights is the environmental impact of mercury requiring careful disposal.

LED lighting solutions produce light by electrical current passing through ‘electron holes’ in a semi-conductor. LED lighting solutions produce minimal heat, can be extremely small and energy efficient producing little excess heat.

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