Brightgreen D900+ 16W LED Downlight – White Trim – White LED


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Product Description

D900+ LED Downlight – Light without limits

Customisation without compromise

Create a seamless look by installing the D900+ trimless, or achieve a more expressive result by attaching one of a range of interchangeable fascias using a simple twist-on, twist-off mechanism.

More versatility, less heat loss

Direct light where you want it with 360° gimballing. The D900+ incorporates a newly designed recessed universal gimballing system, offering unlimited lighting versatility while preventing heat from escaping into your roof.

Fascia Colour                          White

Weight                                     660g

Gimble Angle                           Universalº

Warranty                                  7 years

Colour Temperature               5000K

Input Voltage                           220-270V

Power Usage                            16W

Driver Power Factor               >0.9

IP Rating                                    IP44

Surge Protection                     3100V

Cable Length                            1.5m

Lumen Output                          1075

Efficacy                                      61

Beam Angle                              55

Light Quality                            95CRI

Operating Temp                     -30 to 81ºC

Average Temperature           56ºC

Ambient Temperature         -28 to 70ºC