LED emergency surface

PATHFINDER SPF-3W SM LED Emergency Surface Mounted Luminaire


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Product Description

LUMOS SPF3WSM is a LED Emergency surface mount non-maintained fitting

LED emergency  surface mountedluminaire with D40/D40 classification, compliant to AS/NZS2293 for use at doorway, stairways and corridors and intersection on an emergency escape route.

The LED emergency luminaire with integral emergency 3 hour battery pack permits self-powered during power outage.



•  Energy efficient high output 3 watt LED
•  Easy installation via 2 pin flex and plug
•  Non corrosive polycarbonate housing and reflector
•  Low power consumption and maintenance
•  Fully self-contained control circuit, complete with flex and plug
•  Compliant to AS/NZS2293
•  Circuit rated system life 50 000 hrs
•  Modular, simply push the small head through the outer rim and install in a small 50mm cut-out


This range of LED exit sign provides a compact design and efficient energy saving solution.
The emergency luminaire is suited for commercial and interior applications, coastal environments, apartments, shopping centres,hospitality,  prisons and hospitals.