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Diginet LED Dimmer MEDM Dims 100% Down to 0% 400 WATT


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Product Description

The Diginet MEDM Adaptive Phase Dimmer is designed in Australia to provide optimised dimming of LED-based lamps and drivers, this high quality, two-wire phase control wall plate dimmer has a minimum load rating of 2W, allowing it to adapt to a wide range of available LED drivers.

Although optimised for LED lighting loads, this dimmer also provides excellent compatibility with other common lamps types such as incandescent lamps, 12V halogen (dichroic) lamps /transformers and CFL’s.

• Analogue rotary dial with hard stop at max and min
• Green LED indicator
• Indicator stays on when lights are switched off
• Min/Max brightness setting via mechanical adjustment
• Soft start
• Short circuit and thermal protection

Colour: Blue
Function: Rotary Dimmer
Indicator: Green LED
Mechanical set max or min: Yes
Electrical connections: 2-wire (Active and Load, no Neutral required)
Nominal Line Voltage: 220-240Vac
Line Voltage Frequency: – 50Hz Nominal (47 – 53Hz)
Load Brightness Range: 0% to 100% (typical for LED loads)
Rated Load: Refer compatible load table
Minimum Load: 1W
Mounting: Standard Australian wall plate aperture
Width: 22mm
Height: 48mm

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